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*** Use this Link for a copy of your math text (if you forget your book), online tutorials, or extra practice.

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  • Login for 6th book: student32997
  • Login for 7th book: student71677
  • Login for 8th book: student61822
  • Login for Algebra:  student42386
  • Password for all:  golions

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This Week’s Home Note

December 15, 2017

Middle School Families,

Today is the 2nd Quarter Mid-term.  Please check your child’s progress in TADS.

  • 6th Math Red: We will learn about equivalent fractions, mixed number & improper fractions, and compare & order fractions.  Quiz 4-2 will be on Friday.
  • 6th Math Blue: We will learn about similar figures, use similar figures, and solve problems using scale drawings.  Quiz 4-2 will be on Friday.
  • 7th Math Green: We will learn about ratios, rates & proportions and solve proportions.  Quiz 4-1 will be on Thursday.
  • 7th Math BlueQuiz 4-3 will be on Wednesday.  Chapter 4 Test will be on Thursday,
  • 8th Math Green: We will learn about ratios, rates & proportions and solve proportions.  Quiz 4-1 will be on Thursday.
  • Algebra: We will learn about slope-intercept form, point-slope form, lines of best fit, and slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines.
  • 5/6 Religion: We have learned about the how each gospel is a little different.  We will learn about Jesus’ teachings, especially his parables.  We will also learn about each of 12 disciples.
  • Memory:  Due Friday, December 22nd: Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Did your student forget his/her math book? Visit and follow the directions on the Middle School Math page to access the online text.

In Christ We Can  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13


Chapel Offering Project: A Million Thanks (This is our last week.) – Write an appreciation letter to someone in the military.

Bottle Drop:  In December, Bottle Drop will provide matching funds.  The more we redeem, the more they will donate.


1) December – January 12: Postage Stamps – Leave 1/2″ around the stamp or bring in your entire envelope.

2) January 12 – February 2nd :Box Tops – Fill out a sheet of Box Tops in January.

Next PTL meeting: Tuesday, January 9th @ 6 PM in the gym.  It is a potluck meeting.



Mondays 3:30-5:00 Chess Club

Tuesday/Thursday 3:15-4:30 Drama

Wednesdays 3:20-4:15 Yearbook – 12/20 is the last yearbook meeting until after LEST. 


December 15 2nd Mid-quarter

December 19 Christmas Worship dress rehearsal @ 10 AM

December 20 Chapel @ 10 AM PS/PK Christmas Service

Christmas Worship @ 6:30 PM (students arrive by 6:15) – Each family is asked to provide 1 dozen cookies by 3 PM.

December 22 Christmas Carols in the church @ 2:25

January 8 School resumes

January 9 PTL meeting @ 6 PM in the gym

January 15 No School

January 16 Zion’s Geography Bee @ 12:30 in the church

January 21-26 Lutheran School’s Week – Watch for special events this week!

January 21 Children sing at Zion’s 9:30 church service

January 26 Game Night @ 6 PM in Zion’s gym