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Ms. Rachelle Reid’s

5th / 6th Grade Class


Week of May 22nd thru May 26th, 2017

Hello Zion Families!

I am so glad the sunshine came out this week! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the rain breaks occasionally. The coming weeks will be a bit different from normal. After we wrap up with our last test this Monday, English and Language Arts we will be diving into our last unit where the students become the teachers. In Science we will be focusing on using all we have learned about animals, food chains, adaptation, and earth’s resources to present animals from our imaginations. In Math we will be finishing up the year with equations using variables and graphing (one of my favorites)! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and get prepared for Field Day on Friday, the 26th.

Thank you,

Ms. Reid


What we worked on this last week;

5th and 6th English-Grammar Unit 5

7th and 8th English-​ Grammar Unit 5 and Prob./Sol. Projects

5th Math- Chapter 12 Finished

3rd and 4th Science- Unit 5 finished and test

Spanish- Revisiting colors, numbers, and basic conversation

Health 5th and 6th- Field Day Practice


What we will work on this week;


  • Cumulative Test on Monday!
  • Working on Problem/solution Projects in our spare time


5th and 6th English-Unit 5

Monday: U5 review and test

Tuesday: Logos

Wednesday: Pathos

Thursday: Ethos

Friday: Field Day


5th Math- Chapter 12


  • Graphing and equations chapter 6


Monday:6-3 #1-5,7,9,&11-12

Tuesday:6-4 #12-17 & 27-30

Wednesday: mid chapter check

Thursday: 6-5 # 20-29

Friday: Field Day


3rd and 4th Science- Unit 5 


  • Biomes and animal adaptation project!


Monday: Bodies of water

Tuesday: Giraffe article

Thursday:Animal adaptation project started

Friday: Field Day


7th and 8th English-​ Unit 5


  • Test Monday!
  • Starting Logos, Pathos, and Ethos
  • Projects Due Friday!


Monday: Test

Tuesday: Logos

Wednesday: Pathos

Thursday: Ethos

Friday: Field Day


5th/6th Spanish II- Review

Monday: Family and about us conversation

Wednesday: Time and travel with conversation


7th/8th Spanish II- Review

Tuesday:  Family and about us conversation
Thursday: Time and travel with conversation


Health- Vitamins

Friday: Field Day


Thank you all! Have a blessed week!

Thank you all! Have a blessed week!

~Ms. Reid


  • If you would like to ask any questions about our activities, Please email me by completing my e-mail contact form at the bottom of this page.



Home Note from Mr. Adam Reed – Week of 5/22/17:

To 5th and 6th Grade Parents and Guardians,

 This week we are doing the Simeon Bushnell Trial, where we find out if Simeon Bushnell is in violation of the Fugitive Slave Law.  The Trial will begin on Monday, and take up the first half of the week.  The second half of the week, we will study how the Civil War began and then how it was fought.

     Have a good week!




Home Note From Mr. Jonathan Schultz – Week of 5/22/17:  

Religion 5&6 – We will talking about honoring God with our words, coveting, and finding contentment in life. 

Memory 5&6 – You should have memory work sheets for the month of May.  Thursday’s quiz will be on Hebrews 13:5!  Field Day on Friday!

German Elective –We will review “Numbers”, and be learning “Days of the Week” and “Months & Seasons”.  Students in my classes will be practicing these things as we see each other in passing times at school.  Everyone is doing great!



Please e-mail Ms. Reid with any questions or concerns!

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