WalzWelcome to the new school year! I started teaching in 1992. I have been teaching at Zion since 2002. I hold both a BS and MA in Education from Concordia University, Seward. I enjoy teaching because I get to work with a great staff and also wonderful families and students. My favorite class is Religion, due to the fact that I get to share about Jesus with the students. I enjoy playing board and card games, tennis, golf, and going for walks.


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Mr. Walz’s Newsletter #37                                                         5-25-18

1.  Memory due on Thursday, June 7th – The Lord’s Prayer – The Fourth Petition

    Last Memory of the year due on Thursday, June 14th – The Lord’s Prayer – The Fifth Petition

2. Prayers –  Please keep the 5th/6th Grade class and Mr. Schultz  in your prayers during the week of May 27th.

3.  Collections – Andrew should bring in a collection to school on Tuesday, June 29th.

                         Cooper should bring in a collection to school on Tuesday, June 5th.

4.  Field Day – Our drivers are Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. McCracken, and Mr. Mocello.  (Thank you.)

    Students need to bring in their own water bottle.

    Sign-up for the lunch is all filled up now.  Thank you to those of you providing an item(s).

5.  Egg Protectors –  Students will be designing and making some sort of protection for a raw egg that will be dropped off the roof by Mr. Schultz.  The due date is June 6th. Protectors will be dropped after Chapel.  Here are the specifics:

  1. The egg (which the student provides) must be raw.

  2. Mr. Walz has to be able to poke the egg in at least 2 different spots with a pencil.  (The egg cannot be entirely surrounded by material.)

  3. No bubble wrap of any size can be used.

  4. Students will need to turn in a sheet listing the materials used and also two blueprints (with measurements and labels) showing two different angles of the protector.

6.  Chapel – Our class is doing the chapel message this Wednesday, May 30th.  Parts should be read through at home.

7.  Community Outreach –  Our item of the week is: combs.  Thank you if you have already donated an item.  The box is ½ way full right now.

8.  School Carnival – Please let Mrs. McCracken know if you are willing and able to help out in any way with the carnival.  Also, cakes will be needed and there is a box for book donations.

9.  Showing a pet – If a student would like to show a pet some morning (or at the end of the day on Monday or Friday), send me an email picking a day.  We will avoid Wednesdays. The pet should go home right after being shown. Thank you.

10.  The last Creative Writing assignment of the year will be due on Friday, June 8th.  Here are the two choices: Choice #1 – Aliens land in Corvallis (or Jefferson, Albany, or Philomath)

                           Choice #2 – A professional athlete joins our class for Field Day.

Students will be adding either 3 (3rd) or 4 (4th) possessive nouns in the stories.


12 – #2 Pencils

2 – Glue Sticks

2 – Pink Erasers

1 – Pkg. Washable Felt Markers

1 – Pair Scissors

1 – Pencil Case

10 – Pocket Folders

1 – Pkg. Lined Paper

1 – Pkg. Plain Paper

8 – Lined Notebooks

2 – Blue Pens

1 – Red Pens

1 – Ruler

1 – Pkg. Pencil Crayons


A = 100 – 90

B = 89 – 80

C = 79 – 70

D = 69 – 60

F = 59 – 0